Labor Estimates

Having your dream house constructed can be a stressful experience, but the problems that one might encounter can be reduced by arming ones self with as much information as one can gain. A common problem is excessive labor costs. If you decide to hire workers on a daily basis you have to be familiar with how much time or man-hours is required to complete a specific task. Here is a list of estimates.
  1. Two men can lay 100 pieces of concrete hollow blocks in a day.
  2. Two men can plaster (palitada) 8 square meters of concrete hollow blocks in a day.
  3. Two men can pour .5 cubic meter of concrete on forms for beams and columns in a day.
  4. Two men can lay 72 pieces of tiles (6" x 6") in a day
  5. Two men can install 10 to 15 pcs of GI roofing in a day depending on roof frames.
  6. Two men can install 15 pieces of plywood (4' x 8') in a day.

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